Soul Urge Number 4 True Meaning

Are you obsessed with keeping things in order? Do you need stability in order to keep things in check? Chances are you like setting goals to actually get things done? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are probably soul urge number 4. The need for structure is what drives you to accomplish great things. Because those of soul urge number 4 need everything to go according to plan, they are often frustrated when things don’t go as they wish. However, this also makes 4’s persistent. As a result, they rarely give up when they put their mind to something. In addition, as a 4 you must not become too frustrated because you can’t control everything and everyone. It’s these struggles that help you grow as a person and to become better at planning and organizing.

The number 4 is described as stable, well organized, a strong builder, and well mannered. As a 4 you acknowledge these descriptions of yourself and appreciate them. These qualities reflect well in your personality and how others perceive you. You’ve got a strong mind, logical reasoning, and great resolution skills. In addition, your patience and enthusiasm does you well in your career and social environments. Furthermore, you stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. It’s also recommended that you find your true calling and that is why you must get a numerology reading done.

Social Life of 4s

While your friends and family have come to love you and see you as a great influence, you are also stubborn and straight forward. To clarify, you don’t mean to hurt anyone but your logical personality and reasoning sometimes takes over your ability to “read” certain situations. That is to say you sometimes find it difficult to pick up on the emotions of others. Reading emotions is one of your weaknesses and for those of soul urge number 4 it’s important to remind your friends and family how much you care for them. You can’t assume the people you care for know how you feel about them. Actively let them know just how much they mean to you.

Careers for Soul Urge Number 4

As previously mentioned, you desire stability and organization. On the other hand, you won’t hesitate to break the law if you feel it’s wrong. Because you are usually well balanced and reasonable, your rebellious nature comes as a surprise to others. However, what others need to understand about you is when you feel strongly about something you will do whatever it takes to uphold those ideas.

Because of this determination and your enthusiasm to help the world, politics would be a great career choice for you. In addition, money is not your priority as you see it as a means to help others who are less fortunate.

Relationships and 4s

4s have a hard time trusting others and opening up their true self to them. Unfortunately, this can conflict with developing deeper connections with romantic partners. It’s difficult for you to tell your partner your secrets and true feelings. However, you must be persistent with the relationship and you will see it will be worth it.

Negative Side of Soul Urge Number 4

There are a few things you need to watch out for if this is your number. As mentioned earlier you have problems opening up to others and trusting them. This is preventing you from creating a large social network full of opportunities. In addition, you must learn to stop being so critical as all it does is offend. That is to say, your criticism of others makes them feel alienated and its best that you make as many friends and allies as you can. Try and see the positive side of people.

You must push through the darkness and negative side of soul urge number 4. Only then can you find the light.

Because you have trouble connecting with others you try to buy them over by spending money on them. However, you must take care not to spend beyond your means. Furthermore, you must realize that “buying” people over with gifts is not how a meaningful and lasting relationship forms. Most of the time generosity as kind words accomplish more than the most expensive gifts.

Final Words of Wisdom

You must push through the difficulties of connecting with others. Being alone is not good for anyone. Try and see the viewpoints of others and keep an open mind. It’s through others that you will become balanced and this will help you to organize more than you thought possible. Never forget that tough times make tough people and order is born from chaos. You must learn more about your destiny by getting a proper numerology reading done. I encourage you to get this free numerology reading done by a master numerologist here.

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