Numerology Compatibility: A Guide to Love

Numerology compatibility depends largely on what are called Life path numbers. To clarify, these are the numbers that relationships, and more importantly romantic relationships, are infused with and will determine the health of a relationship. On the other hand, don’t automatically write off a relationship as “destined to fail” just because of the descriptions below. That is to say, there are many other numbers in your life to consider, therefore you should only use the descriptions below as a sort of “quick filter” and not the final say.

If you don’t know your life path number you can find out here.

Life Path Number 1

Life Path Number 1 is most compatible with 3 and 5. The reason being is because 3’s and 5’s have the nature of being patient with those who are controlling and demanding such as 1. Additionally, the carefree and upbeat 3 easily gets along with the controlling and serious 1 by simply not taking their attitude and complexions seriously. On the other hand, 5 brings positive energy and an uplifting attitude to the relationship and often “disarms” a 1’s controlling and bossy nature. As a result, this is beneficial to both in a relationship. 6 may very well get along with 1, but this is because 6 is very caring and understanding so they get along with most numbers.

There’s also a high possibility of connecting with a 1 and while this may work out, you might have a short but passionate relationship. To clarify, it’s like having two people in charge of one project which almost never works out. Likewise, the egotistical, ambitious 8 is one to avoid, as a 1 and 8 will be a relationship that is in constant chaos due to the competitive nature of both. The quiet and pleasant 2 is one that can get along with 1 but strictly in a professional environment and not a close relationship. You should also be on the lookout for a 7 as they can offer knowledge in the form of mentorship and wisdom helping you attain higher energy and self-reflection. But a romantic relationship involving a 1 and 7 often doesn’t work out.

Life Path Number 2

If your life path is 2 then your relationships will be most fruitful with the forward-looking 8 or the altruistic, noble 9. The entrepreneurial and business-oriented 8 is a great match because of the loving support provided by 2. In other words, 2 will support and supplement 8 in both a romantic relationship and a business one. 9 is calm and well composed and will be a good match, as will the ever loving and understanding 6.

The level-headed and reasonable 4 will seem like a great match but will after some time become very dull and boring, the same outcome will also occur with 7 due to their introvert nature. 1 and 2 can work out to be a great relationship but only if you can accept the roles of each. For example, you must understand that 1 will usually have the last say in any matter, but as a 2 you can influence what that last say may be (you have the ability to manipulate and mold things to your liking). While being with a 5 can yield a great, wondrous, and passionate relationship you must realize that 5 can emotionally hurt you down the line. You can make a good connection with the bright, and positive 3 but just like the 5 they aren’t serious about relationships and can hurt you emotionally. Consequently, as a 2 you will have to carry more of the weight in a relationship.

Life Path Number 3

If your life path is 3, then your best relationships will be with either 5 or 7. The bold, cunning, and thrill-seeking 5 is great for you as you seek adventure and unpredictable situations. On the other hand, the mysterious and quiet 7 adds a lot of wisdom and insight into your life. 3 and 7 in particular, complement each other well enough to uplift both persons and achieve something greater than the relationships individual parts.

The responsible, pragmatic, and stable 4, however, is one to avoid. That is to say, 4 may seem like it has great qualities and will make for a great relationship but when combined with a 3 it brings out the negative qualities of each person. Even though 8 might seem like a great match with their ambitious and clear decision-making abilities they will drive you crazy due to their constant criticism. However, 1 exhibits similar characteristics to 8 but for some reason 3 and 1 seem to work out when in a relationship. The understanding and perceptive 2 will also make for a good relationship that will be lasting and gratifying. While 6 gets along with most other life path numbers, 3 is an exception, as they don’t seem to vibe well with each other. To clarify, 3 and 6 won’t get along because of the unreliable and non-serious attitude they carry. Also, do not seek a relationship with another 3 as two persons lacking focus and discipline almost always results in disaster.

Life Path Number 4

If your life path is 4, you crave a long term and stable relationship more than any other number. This isn’t because you don’t enjoy solitude but because you appreciate and value the stability that a solid relationship brings you. Moreover, you should steer clear of 3 and 5 due to their often unpredictable and spontaneous behavior.

However, the well-disciplined and goal oriented 1 is a good match in addition to the ambitious 8. One thing to note about 8 is that you are both well organized and like to plan things out in advance, you also both know what needs to be done in order to meet goals. Furthermore, 8 is great at visualizing future events while 4 can hit all the details exactly right, this makes for a great relationship. You will also get along well with the friendly 6 however, you must know that when a 4 and 6 get together they usually end up having a large family! You should avoid 9 because of the differences in life goals and the problems that will arise due to your more realistic and level-headed nature. In other words, 9 is too much of a daydreamer for you. Surprisingly, 4 and 7 produce a well-balanced and often lasting romantic relationship. That is to say, 7 will always have you growing as a character because of the spiritual, thought-provoking, and wise nature that 7 carries.

Life Path Number 5

If your life path number is 5, You will be happy to know that you have many options when it comes to finding romantic partners, but ensuring the relationship lasts will ultimately be up to your partner. In other words, you are someone who usually takes charge and is always on the move. That is to say, your partner cannot be someone who is predictable or needy. You are best off with a 3 or a 1 because of the bold and unstoppable attitude of 1 as well as the positive and creative mindset of 3, you will find that you complement each other well. Of course, 6 is a good match because of their selfless attitude. In addition, 7 and 5 make a great duo because of the ability to adapt to changing times and environments.

Pairing up with a 4 may seem like a perfect match, but it usually doesn’t work out. To clarify, the relationship rapidly falls apart because of the predictable and dull nature of 4, at the same time 4 isn’t very fond of your constantly changing nature. Similarly, 8 and 9 are also unable to deal with your continual need for something new, fresh, or unexplored.

Generally, it is accepted that two people who have the same life path number don’t end up in a happy relationship, 5 appears to be the exception. A pair of 5’s usually forms a harmonious, exciting, and passionate relationship. Furthermore, because 5 is free-spirited, independent and ready for any challenges that may come their way, they are self-sufficient and willing to work out any problems that may come their way. On the other hand, 5’s must be careful because of their tendency to lose control when it comes to drinking, eating junk food, or other unhealthy habits.

Life Path Number 6

If your life path number is 6 you are in luck. The reason being, 6 can have a long term, passionate, and harmonious relationship with any other life path number. To clarify, as a 6 you are willing to give things up in order to protect and preserve the relationship. It’s your ability to put others and their needs before yours and to love and cherish even during times of stress. Therefore, you are everyone’s favorite, but you should know that there are some numbers that you are more compatible with then others. The calm and quiet 2 should be your first choice, as you are both led by your heart as opposed to your sometimes-unclear thoughts. Similarly, the understanding and forgiving 9 should be your next choice. Furthermore, 8 and 1 are also great candidates that you will get along with well. On the other hand, 5 could be more of a challenge, and the dispersed, immature 3 should be your last choice.

Life Path Number 7

If your life path number is 7, then you must know that it will be difficult to find a relationship that will result in marriage. To clarify, you will have many relationships, but it will be difficult for many to live up to your dreams and criticisms. While this may seem bad it’s really not a big deal. For example, you do not rely on being in a relationship to be happy and enjoy life. Secondly, a lot of 7’s will eventually get married; however, it may be a bit later in life than others. The numbers that are most tolerable for you are the bright and productive 3, in addition to the remarkable and clever 5. That is to say, they both challenge you to grow as a person, unlike the other numbers. For this reason, you are particularly fond of 3 as they will help you grow the most, but 5 will keep you on your toes as you will never know what to expect!

You won’t get along with a 1 because of their bossy nature and 2 is far too attached to material possessions and is not on the same spiritual level as you. Similarly, 8 is also superficial and does not follow the philosophy that you do, and 9 just cannot comprehend your thoughts or nature. Even though you are comfortable in solitude you are not a hermit, you do in fact seek a relationship, but it must be more than just a short term and non-committed relationship. You seek, a deeper meaning to a relationship, one that is not of mystery or detachment.

Life Path Number 8

If your life path number is 8, then you will likely choose someone that you can influence and control to your liking. To clarify, you aren’t exactly trying to make someone your personal and obedient server, but you know what you’re looking for and won’t settle. With that said, the submissive 2 and the selfless 6 are prime choices. On the other hand, 1 will be a bad choice because of their dominant nature. The free-spirited 5 is also a bad choice as well as 3 because of their creative and carefree nature. Unfortunately, your choices as an 8 are limited because of your need to be the decision maker in a relationship. A 7 may be a good choice as 8 has a spiritual side in addition to their material obsession. However, 7 may have trouble seeing the spiritual side of 8 as they will only be focused on your superficial side. But, opposites attract, so it may be a viable option to seek out a 7.

Your best bet is a 4, not necessarily because you can control them but because they have enough self-discipline to control themselves. In addition, you both exhibit common characteristics such as being ambitious, focused, determined, logical, and successful. Secondly, not only does a romantic relationship work out great between 4 and 8 but you will do well when it comes to business- and work-related relationships. To clarify, you get along well enough that anything else comes naturally and all your relationships will blend together perfectly.

Life Path Number 9

If your life path number is 9, then you will have the most trouble of all the other numbers when it comes to relationships. The reason being, you tend to keep to yourself and have trouble letting others get close to you. For example, you don’t like others to see you naked because you feel it is inappropriate and lacks class. In addition, you also feel that it makes you feel defenseless and vulnerable and at the same time you like to have your own space and keep your distance to others. While you can have great friendships you also don’t let them turn into something more as you don’t like to reveal your more serious feelings and thoughts, not even to those who you are very comfortable with. Therefore, you approach relationships like someone who is afraid of heights always on guard on ready to back away from the edge.

On the other hand, many life path numbers will be a great match for you. For example, the soft and reassuring 2, who is able to tear down your insecurities and make you feel comfortable about yourself. Of course, another great match is the ever loving 6, who is protective and shares many things in common with you. Remarkably, 3 will also be a good match because you are both imaginative, love creation, and art. In addition, your sense of humor is a great way to make a tense situation quite a relaxed one.

Life path numbers that you should avoid include the unstable 5 and introverted 7. While 1 and 9 may be of completely different frequencies, this appears to be another case where opposites seem to work well together. Romantic relationships resulting from 1 and 9 are often harmonious and blossom into great and everlasting happiness.

Life Path Number 11

As an 11 you are most compatible with a 2 because you are tightly connected. To clarify, you both have great communication and understand each other’s needs. In addition, 2’s can bring balance and stability to your life. Furthermore, 2’s will expand your mind and make you ask the right questions when it comes to the world.

It may be difficult to form relationships with a 1, 4, or 9 because you desire a deeper emotional connection. None of the aforementioned numbers provide this deep emotional connection and 11’s can’t carry the full weight of a relationship.

Elevens should also be careful with 5. While an 11 and a 5 may be initially attracted to each other the relationship may spiral out of control. The reason being, 5 has trouble settling down and doesn’t take a romantic relationship as serious as an 11. Furthermore, 5 expresses their feelings and love in a very different way.

Life Path Number 22

As a 22 it is important that you find someone who has many of the same qualities you do. To clarify, you need to find someone who is on your level and willing to perhaps adjust a little bit for the sake of the relationship.

Fortunately, as a 22 you have various options and should have no trouble finding romantic relationships. If you are a 22 then you are best suited with a 2, 6, 9, 11, or 22. All of these numbers have characteristics that are most compatible with your own personality.


If you find that you are not too thrilled with your numerology compatibility findings then please keep in mind nothing is set in stone. That is to say, many other factors could play a part as to who you will get along with. The above descriptions are only meant to be a “quick screening” when it comes to numerology compatibility and finding love. In other words, be on the lookout and use your new findings to help yourself out.

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