The numbers you see throughout your life actually have meaning. They aren't just random and numerology can explain that.

You’re probably wondering just what is numerology? It could be because you keep seeing the same number or numbers over and over again. Perhaps you’re just drawn to numbers and want to see if there’s more to them? Or maybe you just want to dive into the world of numerology. At this point, I’m assuming you don’t really know what exactly numerology is.

To clear things up, I’ll be going over what numerology is, a little bit on its history, how it works, and most importantly how to calculate your own numerology numbers. In addition, I’ll cover a few interesting facts about numerology.

Numerology: What is it?

One of the easiest ways to describe numerology is the study of the numbers you see in your life. To clarify, you can reveal much about the world and the people around you by simply making use of numerology. Furthermore, because math and numbers are the language of the universe, numerology is the medium which interprets these numbers for us.

Most of you are probably familiar with astrology. As a result, you already have a bit of knowledge about numerology because they have a lot in common. That is to say, the main difference is that numerology uses numbers to evaluate information.

Moreover, numerology describes the universe as a system that can be taken apart piece by piece until you are lefts with its bare elements. To clarify, those basic elements are numbers and these numbers are what help us understand our lives better.

The Meaning Behind Numbers

As previously mentioned, everything in the universe can be broken down to just numbers. As a result, numerologists can take a person and “break” them down into their various numbers. There are several methods to accomplish this and once you have your numbers you will have better clarification. That is to say, you will know your life path and your purpose as well as things about your personality. In addition, you will discover how to get out of tough situations in life. For example, your expression number and heart desire number are a few ways to help you determine your destiny.

The history of numerology

The History of Numerology

It isn’t very clear where exactly numerology came from, but the earliest records are from Egypt and Babylon. However, further evidence indicates that numerology may date back thousands of years to Greece, China, Japan, and Rome.

The numerology we are familiar with today can be attributed to Pythagoras a Greek philosopher and mathematician. On the other hand, it is unclear whether he created it but he had some very interesting theories took numerology to the next level. As a result, Pythagoras has been credited for the numerology we know and study today.

Furthermore, the term numerology was first coined by Dr. Julian Stenton. In addition, Dr. Stenton helped numerology become mainstream as we know it today. To sum up, there isn’t too much history regarding numerology or where it originated from, but know that it has become popular, and is practiced by many.

How Numerology Works

It’s not as simple as it may seem to get your numerology reading and often times you need a master numerologist to get the most accurate reading. However, it’s pretty easy to figure out your life path, personality, soul urge, and expression numbers using simple calculations. To clarify, it is difficult to clearly see how all your specific numbers work together and that’s why a master numerologist is recommended.

There are several reasons why numerology is unique to each person. That is to say, your birthday, name, and a few other facts about you can influence your life and the cosmos. As a result, a numerology reading can get quite detailed and go into a lot of depth. Furthermore, detailed numerology readings can reveal shocking aspects of yourself.

In addition, synchronicity has gained popularity, and many don’t believe in coincidences. As mentioned previously your birth date and name will greatly affect your life and character. This is all determined in a similar manner that astrology and horoscopes can interpret your destiny.

What Goes Into a Numerology Reading?

What goes into a numerology reading?

There are many calculations that go into a numerology reading. In addition, the calculations cover several aspects using different numbers and their combinations to discover their significance. However, simple readings that involve your main numbers can often reveal quite a lot of information. On the other hand, there can be several different takes on numerology readings to the never-ending number scale.

It’s incredibly interesting and a lot of fun to get your own personal numerology reading. If you haven’t yet I would highly recommend that you get one here.

It’s perfect for beginners and for anyone wanting an in-depth and precise reading. In addition, it’s incredibly simple as the only info you need to provide is your name and birthday and they’ll take care of the rest.

What Are Life Path Numbers in Numerology?

Your life path number is perhaps one of the most important numbers when it comes to numerology. To clarify, your life path number helps you determine the paths you may go down in life. Likewise, it will show the type of character and personality you have. In addition, our life path number will hint at any difficulties or opportunities that you might come across in life. Furthermore, you will grow and develop your character due to the lessons you will learn along the way.

Keep in mind that every life path number is unique and is easily calculated using just your birthday. If you would like to calculate your life path number and read about what exactly it means, then read this post.

If you found your life path number by reading the post linked to above, then you now know what it means and how it may influence your life. In addition, it’s astonishingly accurate as you may have already seen how much you relate to what was said about it. As a result, a lot of people want to know more, and I encourage everyone to get a more in-depth reading as previously mentioned.

Personality Number

This number is fairly simple to calculate as it uses your full name and the consonants in it to determine. From there a number is assigned to each letter, added up, and then broken down to reveal just a single digit. Calculate your personality number here.

To clarify, this number describes the traits and characteristics that others see in you. That is to say, we often hide who we truly are from others and often times adopt a sort of “persona” we don’t see ourselves as. In addition, we do this without knowing (at least most of the time) or trying to hide from others. This is why it’s interesting to know your personality number because this number reveals things you didn’t even suspect of yourself. To sum up, it will show you what you have been ignoring and completely oblivious to.

Soul Urge Number

The soul urge number (sometimes called the Heart’s Desire Number) is symbolic of your true character. An often-shocking truth about the soul urge number is you will find out things about yourself that you hadn’t even recognized yet, this usually happens with a proper reading.

For instance, you may find that you have a darker side to you such as being greedy or power hungry. On the other hand, you could find that you are unsatisfied with your current situation and this leaves you with a feeling of unfulfillment. There are many other qualities that you may not be aware of as your subconsciousness has done a good job at keeping them hidden. In addition, these finding can often be life-changing and lead someone to the right path towards happiness.

Like other numbers, this one is calculated using your full name. However, it only takes into consideration the vowels in your name. Calculate your soul urge number here.

Expression Number

Your expression number (sometimes referred to as your destiny number) takes a look at your skills, life goals, and ambitions. In addition, this number may reveal any new skills you may excel in.

To calculate your expression number, you must convert your full (including middle names) birth name into numbers. However, you must make the conversion using the Pythagorean chart. To clarify, a Pythagorean chart correlates a letter with a single number. Once you have all the numbers you must add them and reduce them to a single digit. Don’t forget about the master numbers!

In the end, you are left with another number in this case, the expression number. Furthermore, this number will add variation to your overall numerology reading when you take your previous numbers into consideration. To sum up, the expression number will add another dimension to your overall character and destiny.

Pythagorean Numerology Chart

Birth Day Number in Numerology

Finally, your birthday number holds many interesting facts about your life’s journey and destiny. Your birthday number is easy to calculate and once again reveals a lot about your when you combine it with the previous numbers. In addition, your birthday number can help you find your life purpose as well as the talents and skills you were unaware you had.

In addition, your birthday number will let you know how to best use your skills to influence your life and destiny in a positive way.

Some Interesting Facts Concerning Numerology

By now you probably have a better appreciation for numbers especially for the ones that are influencing your life (regardless if you have noticed them or not). Let’s take a look at some interest facts you should know about Numerology.

The significance of positive and negative numbers

In numerology, it’s important to take note of whether a number is positive or negative. To clarify, your numbers have a balance of both positive and negative aspects, but this can influence the rest of the numbers that describe you. In other words, your health, ambitions, goals, and career will be directly affected by the combination of positivity and negativity of your numbers.

Furthermore, deep numerology readings don’t just focus on everything that is positive when it comes to your numbers. Master Numerologists will also take the negative traits into account and this is important to give you the most accurate reading possible. In addition, you can do something about these negative aspects and turn them around for the better.

Master Numbers

The numbers 11 and 22 are known as master numbers in numerology. These numbers have a very special and powerful meaning to them. To clarify, master numbers are used as a sort of guide to better diagnose certain situations. In addition, they often lead to great revelations and can have quite an impact on someone’s life.

The conventional methods that a numerology reading employs include breaking down double digit numbers and adding them together. For example, your birthday number is found in this way. In the end, you are left with a single digit and this single digit can be used for the calculation. However, when you end up with a master number, such as 11 or 22, you do not break them down any further. The reason being, these numbers have their own special meaning.

If you would like an explanation of master numbers 11 and 22 then you should read this post here.

Fully embracing Numerology

There have been many reports by numerologists that claim once people get an in-depth numerology reading, they beg for more info. To clarify, sometimes what is revealed is so powerful and life-changing that that person’s journey and spiritual enlightenment has an almost immediate and positive impact on their life. In addition, they get a better sense of themselves and how to trust and have faith in their thoughts.

Numerology as a Guide for Your Life

It’s important to not just look at numerology as a simple number reading technique but rather as a way to gauge your future and potential. To clarify, many successful people endorse numerology and claim it as the reason for their success, some of these people include famous celebrities! Numerology is based on mathematics, which is the language of the universe, as such numerology can reveal the obstacles you may face in life and how to overcome them.

Without numerology, it may be hard to figure out how to be successful in life but once your destiny has been revealed you will be inspired and motivated to work hard towards your success. As a result, you will view numerology as a guide to your success as opposed to just number readings. Stop wasting time and get your free numerology reading.

Finding Your Purpose

Many people find success with numerology because of the precision and accuracy of their numerology reading results. As a result, these people often encourage others to get an in-depth numerology reading. Everyone’s encouraged to get a numerology reading because finding out your strengths and weaknesses will help guide you towards your purpose in life. In addition, your numerology reading will give you a lot of motivation to pursue your purpose in life.

Making Sense of all the Numbers and their Meanings

Even though there are lots of ways to calculate your core numbers like those found on here on Numerology Angel, you must understand that these numbers alone won’t give you the whole picture. To clarify, you need to get a master numerologist to give you a proper reading so that you can connect all the pieces of the puzzle. For example, your life path number gives you one number and its meaning tells you something about yourself. On the other hand, your birthday number gives you a different number and viewpoint that affects the rest of your numbers. That is why numerology is believed to provide more clarification on yourself and your life than horoscopes or other similar spiritual reading methods.

Numerology and Your Birth

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts regarding numerology is your influence on the universe itself. To clarify, when you entered this world you had a profound impact on the universe and how it would influence your life and the lives of those around you. Even if you don’t like your name or what month you were born in remember that it all has a special meaning.

In addition, if you got a numerology reading at the time of birth you would never have to develop and grow in character which is essential for every human being. As a result, be proud of who you are and the name you were given! You were put on this Earth for a reason and numerology can back this up. However, you must find out what that reason is so don’t delay and get your reading now.

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