Soul Urge Number 5 True Meaning

Freedom is what soul urge number 5 desires the most. You prefer to travel and have new experiences and meet new people as well. Coming up with new challenges and ideas excites both you and the people around you. It’s these new ideas that lets you experience new things and places. As a result, you are seen as a leader even though you don’t really think of yourself as one. It’s your never-ending search for freedom that makes you who you are. Enthusiastic, passionate, and brave are all great ways of describing your personality.

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Soul Urge Number 5 and Social Life

You are quick to make new friends but it’s hard for you to keep them for long. To clarify, meeting new people is exciting for you but putting in the work to maintain friendships is not your strong suit. In addition, your unpredictable behavior can sometimes annoy your friends and often leads to messy breakups.  Moreover, you have trouble seeing how it’s your fault and this leaves you feeling like you’ve been betrayed by your friends. The problem is those who are soul urge number 5 can’t stand loneliness. On the other hand, because you make new friends constantly, you don’t really find yourself alone most of the time. However, you have to work on building these new friendships to develop relationships that last.

Because of the friendly aura you give off, it’s easy for others to approach and trust you. You are usually the most popular person among your friends, and they love being around you and conversing with you. Sometimes your friends get jealous when you spend time with others and that’s why sometimes you have friendship breakups.

The one place you don’t like change is in your home. You like to keep a stable home to support you throughout all your other decisions. You often get very angry when other people disrupt the stability of your home or touch/rearrange your things.

Best Careers for 5’s

Change and new environments is something you welcome and look forward to. For that reason, you would make a great entrepreneur as long as you put in hard work and effort. In addition, the thought of coming up with new ideas to make money and take risks is what you will love about this profession.

In the end you must choose a career that you will not become bored with. Again, people who are soul urge number 5 seek freedom, and a career that does not allow them to be free will only make them miserable. You might also consider a job that requires you to travel and interact with people. Since you do well connecting with people a job that requires exploration and communication would also be a great fit for you. This skill you have of connecting well with others is extremely valuable to your boss and will open many doors for you.

Soul Urge Number 5 and Relationships

Finding love as a soul urge number 5 can be difficult because of how easy it is for you to meet new people. Be patient and work on finding a quality partner.

As previously mentioned, your spontaneous personality and free spirit sometimes makes it hard to maintain friendships. As a result, finding a romantic partner that trusts and understands you is difficult. Because you attract new people into your life easily it’s tempting to simply move on in a relationship as opposed to trying to fix it. Don’t fall for this though because you’ll never experience a full and blossoming relationship where you both work through your problems rather than giving up at the first sign of trouble.

The Negative Side

You have a terrible habit of making decisions without fully thinking them through. You must learn to be more patient and properly evaluate the situation before making a choice. In addition, your quick thinking makes you say things you later regret. This is mostly because you get angered rather quickly. Furthermore, because you know people so well you can really hurt them because you know exactly what to say to bring someone down.

Final Words of Wisdom for 5

You don’t like being still because you feel that constantly moving gives you energy. Again, this is due to your longing for freedom and going on adventures. While this may sound good it’s unhealthy to never take a break. As soul urge number 5 understand that you have to work on slowing down and collecting yourself from time to time. You aren’t superhuman so don’t push yourself too much. Your loved ones will greatly appreciate it. Furthermore, if you want to know how to improve your life greatly then you must have a numerology reading done. Take this free numerology reading, done by a master numerologist and psychic, using only your name and birth date to reveal your true destiny.

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