Calculating Your Life Path Number And What It Means

Nothing that happens in the universe is a coincidence and numerology has been used since the origins of humankind to understand and explain the plans of the cosmos. For example, the letters in your name all have a numeric value that can be tied to a certain frequency. In addition, the numeric values of your name mesh with the numeric value of your birth date. To clarify, these numeric values are an indication of your character and echo certain aspects about you. For this reason, it is important to know your life path number as this number will determine the best path to a fulfilling and gratifying life. Your life path number will help identify your strengths, skills, weaknesses, and how to deal with negative aspects of your life.

How To Calculate Your Life Path Number.

Your life path number is calculated from your date of birth and is easy to figure out with some simple addition. Begin by writing down your birth date.

Every number in your numerology report is broken down into a single frequency of a certain digit. For instance, 10 is reduced to 1 (1 + 0 = 1) and 42 reduces to 6 (4 + 2 = 6). “Master numbers” are an exception because these numbers have a unique meaning and are not reduced when making your life path number calculations.

Start by reducing the day, the month and the year of your birthdate into single digit form. To clarify, take a look at the examples below.

Ex 1: If your birthday is May 15, 1962, then write:

  • Day: 15 = 1 + 5 = 6
  • Month: May is the 5th month = 5
  • Year: 1962 = 1 + 9 + 6 + 2 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

Add 6,5, and 9 and continue to reduce

  • 6 + 5 + 9 = 20 = 2 + 0 = 2
  • Life Path Number = 2

Ex 2: If your birthday is October 22, 1977 however, you must take note that the day is a master number, instead you would write it like this:

  • Day: 22
  • Month: October is the 10th month = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1
  • Year: 1977 = 1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6

Finally, add the individual numbers found, and once again reduce them to a single digit.

  • 22 + 1 + 6 = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11 (Remember 11 is a master number so don’t reduce it.)
  • Life Path Number = 11

You will have one of the following Life Path Numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 or 22. Now that you’ve calculated yours read on below to find out exactly what your life path number says about you.

Life Path Number 1: The Leader

The number 1 is a divine and powerful force. It is from 1 that all other numbers grow and blossom from. For this reason, 1 is usually “the boss” or the leader. If you happen to be a 1 then chances are you exhibit competitive and commanding qualities. Furthermore, you try to control a situation and mold it to how you believe is best. Additionally, you do not let any person or obstacle stand in the way of your goals. Secondly, you have a basic instinct to protect that which you believe in and are passionate about (i.e. goals, aspirations, etc.).

The number 1 also carries “fatherly” characteristics and even the shape of 1 is a prime example of its strong leadership like qualities. 1 is sharp and always leading the force behind any objective. Similarly, 1 stands tall and commands respect. You are bold and give off a courageous aura, in addition you are not afraid of new challenges or dangerous situations.

On the other hand, ones tend to be a little superficial and this can lead to being alone. That is to say, your obsession with being in charge leads to conflict with those who have more power than you. In addition, 1’s have trust issues as well as not taking advice from those who know better. You are stubborn because you believe if something is not done your way then it’s wrong.

Furthermore, 1’s often have an entitled attitude, especially when it comes to respect. If 1’s do not get the respect they believe they deserve, they will view it as a challenge and will further instill their views and opinions without regard for others. For this reason, you also have a difficult time connecting with others and relating to their feelings. Furthermore, you can easily “read” someone and know their intentions right away. As a 1 you must learn to use your leadership qualities and commitment to channel them into compassion and to be tolerable of others. As a result, you will build a loyal following, and you their leader.

Life Path Number 2: The Mother

Life path number 2 is an effeminate and soft number whose kindness is often mistaken for weakness. However, 2’s are creative, compassionate, sympathetic, and polite. As a 2 you are naturally peaceful and try to get along with most. In addition, you prefer to avoid conflicts and confrontations. But, 2’s must understand that their kindness does not mean they are weak.

Secondly, 2’s do not back down easily. In addition, you are the “glue” that holds together relationships and family. Furthermore, the very shape of the number “2” displays humbleness and strength. Unlike 1, who has a large ego and is unwilling to compromise, they will cave into pressure when the situation gets out of hand. On the other hand, 2’s are able to handle pressure and high stress situations very well. To clarify, 2’s can recover from difficult situations quickly and are able to decide the outcome of their life because of the ability to see things through to the end.

Thirdly, you are extremely committed and expect nothing less of others. You must take care when you are hurt emotionally or are disrespected. In other words, while you may be able to bounce back from difficult situations easily, you are still susceptible to anger and envy. Furthermore, 2’s have a dark side and can get quite angry when pushed too far, often resulting in cruel, and vengeful tactics. That is to say, you are willing to go to “war” with your enemy and will feel no empathy or remorse at the outcome.

Life Path Number 3: The Free Thinker

If you are a 3 then you are naturally charismatic and extremely persuasive. You are often the life of the party and can “brighten” up most situations, no matter how dull they are, with minimal effort. Furthermore, you are naturally a free thinker and a good artist. On the other hand, you become very upset when you can’t have things your way. Additionally, 3’s are unorganized, often need direction and guidance, and are unappreciative of the protection they receive form others.

As an extrovert you need to demonstrate your power and bright personality. As a result, you will likely have a career as an entrepreneur or artist. In addition, you are clever and have a great sense of humor that helps you get along with most. Furthermore, you exude positive vibes and are always optimistic of the situation.

Unfortunately, your greatest attributes are also your biggest weaknesses. To clarify, you have a natural ability to connect with most and this makes it difficult for you to understand the struggles of others. You will have trouble finding a deep romantic relationship because you are liked and cherished by many. To clarify, you have many options and find it difficult to make a deep connection with any one person. The need to express yourself and your creativity makes it difficult for you to focus which leads to procrastination. In addition, you have trouble finishing what you start because you are invested in too many projects at once. Furthermore, your failure to make a deeper connection spiritually and universally is your weakness, and if not addressed will lead to misery and difficult situations.

In order to avoid this learn to focus all your energy on one project at a time and cherish those closest to you.

Life Path Number 4: The Stable One

As a 4 you are logical and well organized. Furthermore, you are the poster child of a stable person who always has a plan. Secondly, you are a hard worker and can always reason and efficiently work your way through most problems. In addition, 4 has always had a solid and robust shape which reflects the characteristics previously described.

Additionally, 4’s are patient and can often be trusted. However, this dependability and obedience can make a 4 seem tedious and predictable. To clarify, it’s difficult for others to connect with you because of your constant serious attitude. On the other hand, you find delight in your personal achievements, and prefer results over recognition and rewards. Furthermore, you help others achieve their goals, but they might not recognize or appreciate your help. However, you don’t let this get to you or make you upset. In addition, you don’t like too much attention and are content with letting others do as they please. But, you do not back down when it comes to defending your beliefs and values.

4’s have difficulty with creativity and imagination. As a result, you are often closed minded and have more conservative views. In addition, you are of the mindset that “if something isn’t broken why fix it?”. That is to say, you are not easily persuaded into trying new things because you are afraid of the outcome. To clarify, you do not like the unknown because of the fear that it could throw your life into ruin. On the other hand, fours are hard workers, loyal, and dependent and these traits will get you far in life.

Life Path Number 5: The Energized One

As a 5 you are full of energy and always seeking thrill and adventure. In addition, those around you see you as self-sufficient and spontaneous. You aren’t afraid to take risks and are always ready for adventure and travel. On the other hand, you are loyal to those you love, but leave others to clean up after your sometimes irrational and thoughtless behavior.

In addition, 5’s are always in need of change. To clarify, you need freedom and may get bored with monotonous situations. As a result, you do not like being controlled and told what to do. Because of this, you will have trouble finding a stable career due to your free-spirited nature. You are best suited to environments where you can be on your own and be in charge, such as owning your own business. Furthermore, while you may be unpredictable your family and friends admire your focus and determination.

Finally, you are great at adapting to change. The reason being, you are forward thinking and open minded. This is a great reflection of your tolerance of others, but this also leads you to confiding in untrustworthy people. To clarify, you are not good at seeing the true nature of others and that often leads to you being taken advantage of. Your greatest weakness is the need to want to be accepted by all, for this reason you must learn self-discipline and build stable relationships.

Life Path Number 6: The Mentor

Often seen as the caregiver or “motherly” number, 6 is a problem solver. To clarify, 6 is very loving, caring, and protective. In addition, 6 spends a lot of time helping those around them with their problems. A 6 is the backbone that binds and holds family and social circles together and will protect their loved ones no matter what.

A 6 also has strong moral values and enjoys being a mentor and looked up to. Furthermore, you are a very logical person and you are respected and get along with most. A 6 is also thought to be the most in “tune” of all other numbers. That is to say, you get along well with other numbers because of your open mindedness and ability to form relationships with all. But, this also makes you a poor judge of character which leads to you wasting your potential on those who are not worthwhile. Additionally, 6’s may get along with most but cannot stand those who would disrupt a peaceful environment.

In other words, 6 can become angry and hostile. While 6 is thought to be loving and a caregiver who gets along with most, they also become the most unstable when faced with certain situations. To clarify, your natural loving nature makes you a little naive and this makes it easy to be taken advantage of. In addition, a 6 is a force to be reckoned with when they have been wronged. That is to say, a 6 will go to great lengths to exact revenge all while appearing extremely calm on the surface.

To sum up, choose your partners wisely and do not make rash decisions. The best advice for a 6 is to learn how to sort out those who are only using you with those who truly care for you.

Life Path Number 7: The Wise One

If you are a 7 then you are naturally introverted. The reason being, you are curious of the unknown and more in touch with your spiritual side. Furthermore, you have all the skills necessary to carefully scrutinize and analyze a situation in a more thorough way than most. Additionally, you can solve the most complex problems whereas others run at just the thought of said problem.

You are also very logical and creative. In addition, you often get others to think more deeply when having conversations on controversial topics. You have a down to earth and non-biased opinion when it comes to many subjects. Secondly, your ability to quickly pick up, analyze, and learn new skills is unlike anyone else’s. Your drive to finding the truth regardless of what it may be will take your far on your journey of life.

On the other hand, your logical and analytical mind can sometimes make it hard for you to relate to others. For this reason, you may find yourself alone and in solitude most of the time. To clarify, you prefer to be alone with your thoughts without the input from others who only confuse you. But, you must be careful because too much solitude may cause you to develop a large ego and an “elitist” attitude.

However, 7’s must make use of their wise and analytical nature. That is to say, as a 7 you have a lot of potential and plenty of room to grow as a person. To sum up, you must work on developing relationships and having plenty of companionship’s. Being more social and learning from others will help you reach your full potential.

Life Path Number 8: The Professional

As an 8 you focus on financial success, authority, entrepreneurship, and your career. On the other hand, you are still very much aware of your spiritual side, but at the same time are realistic. To clarify, you know when a situation has hope and when you must be realistic about the severity of a situation. In other words, you do not “sugar coat” things.

Even though 8’s may appear to be superficial and obsessed with money it is for good reason. To clarify, you know that money is necessary for you to live a full and luxurious lifestyle. In other words, you are again being realistic with yourself as to how you will achieve happiness. You are likely to achieve this financial success because you are wise, ambitious, and organized. Furthermore, you do not back down from any tasks and enjoy motivating others to do the same.

Unfortunately, 8’s seem to rely on external support and encouragement to do well. The need for followers is what makes you so ambitious and want to be in charge. Furthermore, if an 8 does not receive support they may become frustrated at everything they do.

You do best when you surround yourself with those who love and support you. To sum up, you must balance your goals by only letting positivity into your life. If you have too much of one or the other you may be susceptible to failure.

Life Path Number 9: The Compassionate One

In numerology, 9’s are quite interesting. To clarify, consider the fact that when you multiply any number and 9 and then you add the single digits and reduce them to a single digit, the single digit will always be 9. Take a look below.

  • 9 x 6 = 54 = 5 + 4 = 9

This will happen with any number when it comes to multiplication. On the other hand, when you look at addition, the opposite happens. When adding 9 to a number, and reducing it to just one digit, you will see that it results in the original number! See below.

  • 6 + 9 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6

Furthermore, this fact is a perfect embodiment of what life path number 9 represents. To clarify, nines have unlimited amounts of love and are gracious with it. Secondly, 9’s have a solid connection with humanity and have an elevated consciousness. In addition, 9’s are charitable and willing to help anyone, no matter if they are close friends or complete strangers. On the other hand, you don’t know why others can’t view things in the same light you do. For this reason, you will be quite vocal about your opinions. Fortunately, 9’s are very patient and tolerable of the other life path numbers. In addition, you do not criticize others and you don’t expect special recognition when helping others.

This is where 9 truly stands out. Recall the addition and multiplication earlier? That is to say, 9 has the ability to influence and even convert other numbers to 9’s characteristics. The reason being, 9’s are of great moral character and feel it is their duty to get others to be the best they can. Meanwhile, 9’s are naturally drawn to helping others and never expect special credit because they believe that is their natural duty.

Just like the other numbers, 9’s do have a dark side. The reason being, you find those around you are usually disappointing and so is the reality of a situation. In addition, making connecting and establishing romantic relationships exposes your dark side. To clarify, you alienate those closest to you because of your dedication to your own rational self-interests. Secondly, you view their criticisms as unjustified and selfish. You view others as selfish and struggle to understand why their advice should be taken seriously. It is for this reason; you push others away and become very hostile. In other words, you are susceptible to developing a large ego, showing little empathy, or being cruel to your loved ones.

As a result, you have trouble enjoying your life because of your obsession with the present. Additionally, you have difficulty seeing that humans have their limits and will continue to push through these barriers, even at the cost of your own happiness. On the other hand, you have an uncanny ability to view the world clearly. To sum up, you must utilize this skill to rectify your own flaws and face your inner darkness.

Life Path Number 11: The Innovative One

The intuition of 11’s is the best among the Life Path Numbers and explains why you are good at seeing through situations. In addition, 11’s seem to naturally understand others and can “sense” how they feel. Keep in mind, elevens are master numbers and are very similar to 2’s but on a larger scale. Moreover, you are committed when it comes to relationships and are likely to marry at a young age.

You have a lot of energy and love living life on the edge. Furthermore, you are great at forming deep connections with others as well as serious relationships. On the other hand, you are very restless because of your tendency to live an extreme lifestyle. To clarify, you have too much spare energy and often jump around different ideas due to boredom. This makes you powerful but at the same time can cause you great emotional distress.

Elevens also greatly underestimate their potential. In other words, you can naturally see through situations with astounding accuracy and this leads to you unlocking great opportunities.

However, you must take care because you are susceptible to anxiety attacks and stress. The reason being, you have a lot of energy and this can make you jump to conclusions. You must find a way to balance your high energy and your life. To clarify, take some time off when dealing with stressful situations.

Life Path Number 22: The Architect

Twenty Two’s are the most likely to attain success and achieve their goals. In addition, you are determined, focused, ambitious, and confident. With these traits you are able to naturally realize your dreams. You are a master number and have many of the characteristics as 4’s. To clarify, you are a logical person who breaks down difficult problems into more manageable “pieces”. Furthermore, you are a hard worker and independent; additionally, you do not allow anxiety or stress to get to you.

Secondly, 22’s are open minded and can see the elegance of an idea even before it comes to fruition. On the other hand, your being a logical person makes you realistic; as a result, you often set limits on certain ideas. In addition, you can carefully analyze and deduce complex situations. This skill is useful for you as a person who is part of a large company or business.

However, 22’s are also their own biggest critic. That is to say, you know just how much potential you have, and this has you setting unrealistic expectations of yourself. As a result, you are often disappointed and left with a feeling of unfulfillment. You feel pressured to constantly succeed and will not accept any sort of failure. Therefore, you blame yourself for everything even if somethings out of your control. Additionally, you have an elitist attitude and don’t confide in others to get the job done.

To sum up, 22’s are focused and self-disciplined. But, you have to learn to accept the thing you cannot change and not blame yourself for everything that happens. Taking a step back and reassessing your approach to situations will help to balance you out.

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