Soul Urge Number 3 True Meaning

Soul urge number 3 is one of the strongest numbers in numerology. If this is your soul number, then chances are that you are a strong individual who is determined and focused. Furthermore, your bravery, compassion, enthusiasm, and optimistic outlook help you to reach your goals. As a result, it’s probably no surprise that you’re constantly thinking of the future and what lies ahead. Your greatest satisfaction comes from the thought of accomplishing things that will be remembered by others for years to come. This is all possible and its why you need to get your own unique numerology reading. Get a free numerology reading using just your name and birthday here.

Social Aspect of 3’s

Others are naturally drawn to you due to your strong character. You are usually the point of focus in social gatherings. You bring cheer and joy to most social gatherings and even though you don’t mean to be the center of attention you still get along well with most. In addition, people look up to you and take great inspiration from your carefree, yet hard working lifestyle. Furthermore, you have a great sense of humor that makes strangers feel like they have known you for years. It’s this ability of quickly connecting with people that helps bring the best in you including ideas and opportunities for you to grow.

Creativity is the center of your being and being social is how you receive positive energy. On the other hand, you don’t let others put you down and prevent you from speaking your mind. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of enemies who want to see you fail. However, you’re strong enough to know your opponent’s words can do you no harm. In fact, you enjoy “toying” with your enemies and letting them think they have the upper hand when in fact they don’t!

You must be careful though because soul urge number 3 has been known to take things a little too far. When you get a little too excited or scared you sometimes don’t know when to stop and think with a clear mind. That is to say, you are vulnerable to make bad decisions if your mind isn’t clear. Most of the time you get into trouble because of what you say. You must take care what you say around certain people as not everyone will agree with you.

Best Careers for Soul Urge Number 3

soul urge number 3 does well when team work is needed.

Your creative nature and strong determination won’t let you stay at a low position for long. Having a low position are where you are most likely to feel depressed and in a bad mood. The reason why is because you want to use your full potential and achieve great things. To clarify, you feel you can offer so much more, and you are right! Putting limits on yourself is a bad idea for those who are soul urge number 3. As a result, you excel when working on big projects where you manage a large team. You will also do well working for yourself.

With that said, what are the best career paths for 3’s? Your excellent social skills and friendly nature make you a greater speaker. As a result, careers such as public speaking, journalism, and acting would be a good fit for you. Furthermore, you would do extremely well as a teacher because you can utilize your leadership skills in this area. In addition, starting your own business is a great decision for 3’s. However, if you decide to start your own business you must be aware of the risks. That is to say, don’t let your creativity get in the way of important financial decisions.

Relationships and 3’s

It’s only natural that your outgoing spirit is going to attract a lot of potential romantic partners. While some may just want to be friends, many will want to take things further with you. You must take care to choose a partner who will treat you well and that you are compatible with. Please read this if you need compatibility guidance. When you do find that special someone you will develop the relationship into a blossoming one because of the strong loyalty of 3’s.

The Negative Side of Soul Urge Number 3

Your enthusiastic and outgoing nature can sometimes cause you a lot of problems. To clarify, you often say things without thinking them through. As a result, you cause yourself a lot of grief and embarrassment at times. You must learn to not act so quickly and think things through first. Failing to do so can make bad situations worse and can really cause a lot of headaches for you. As a soul urge number 3 you have to keep in mind that your weakness is feeling unwanted an alienated. Be social but be cautious. Speak but not for the sake of speaking. Above all, stay ambitious and be proud of your accomplishments but not in a bragging manner. Find your calling by getting a free numerology reading by one of the worlds top psychics using just your name and birthday!

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