Destiny Number 6 and Its Secrets

Destiny number 6 is definitely a team player in addition to being a caring person. They are also described as being one of the most balanced numbers in numerology. That is to say, they do well in most aspects of life and get along well with people in general. If you’ve read anything about this number elsewhere you almost always hear that 6 is like the “glue” that holds families/relationships together, and there’s good reason for that. With that said, let’s break down the different areas this number has an effect on to understand why.

The Personality of Destiny Number 6

Coming to the rescue at the last-minute sixes are usually well composed in character and avoid falling into complex situations. However, they won’t hesitate to take charge and lead the way if need be. Furthermore, they will go out of their way to help others and are noticeably charitable with what they have. As a result, they gain the trust and friendship of others rather easily.

Destiny number 6 has a tendency to back up those who are not in positions of power. To clarify, they like to see those who are willing to put in the hard work succeed and rise to the top. Their selfless nature wants only the best for those around them and they will help them achieve their goals. On the other hand, this overprotective nature they have, can sometimes lead to unintended consequences. For example, if they believe they or someone they know is being mistreated, they can become violent and lash out physically.

Career Choices for 6

Destiny number 6 does best when they choose a career that allows them to let their ideas flow freely. For example, a career that allows you to follow your ideas includes being a teacher, artist, or chef. In addition, you may want to look into careers such as psychiatry, customer service, or engineering.

Relationships and Love

Destiny number 6 needs to be sure to settle down with a good partner instead of having many short lived relationships.

Sixes are some of the most flirtatious people around and that is for good reason. That is to say, they are highly attractive and exude high sexual energy. As a result, it’s not hard for them to find romantic partners. However, it’s is difficult for them to settle down with a high-quality partner. Furthermore, they strongly believe in spending their lives with someone and living together with them as they fear being alone. As previously mentioned, destiny number 6 attracts a lot of potential mates but this often makes them a poor judge of personality. The fear of rejection is especially bad for sixes.

Advice for Destiny Number 6

It’s probably true that you experience things such as anxiety, insecurity, and even OCD. There’s nothing to be alarmed about but instead focus on what may be causing these issues. For that reason, it’s important to create stability in your life. For example, rather than having many “no strings” attached relationships find a good partner to settle down with. If you don’t you may end up single in life.

Furthermore, don’t resort to physical conflict when you are disrespected. Instead, learn to use your words to defend yourself and calmly diffuse situations. As a six you have many things to be proud of but you can still fall into dark places. That’s why I recommend everyone to get their personalized and free video numerology reading here. It’s a sure way to help you navigate through the darkness. Furthermore, it is one of the most accurate readings you can find! This is your first step towards realizing your destiny so don’t miss this opportunity.

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