Destiny Number 7 and Its Secrets

Mysterious yet wise, destiny number 7 is no stranger when it comes to spirituality and deep thinking. Sometimes referred to as “expression number 7” the no nonsense and logical nature of this number makes them wise. As a result, many people will seek out consultation and advice from sevens when faced with difficult tasks. That is to say, their minds aren’t clouded by emotions or other feelings that could get in the way. They are blunt and speak the truth even if it hurts. This way of speaking often alienates sevens from others because they feel they are being “strange”. However, this is not the case as you’ll see from their personality below.

Destiny Number 7 Personality Traits

Sevens are straightforward with the truth because their over-analytical minds love dealing with logic and common sense. This may come off to others as them being unsympathetic or rude but that’s not true. Destiny number 7 is one of the most sympathetic, smart, loyal, and trusting people around. They care deeply for those close to them. On the other hand, it’s sometimes hard for sevens to make new friends because they struggle with social interactions.

Their struggle with socializing is most likely due to their respectful nature. As a result, they come off as shy or quiet. The reason why is because they are afraid to accidentally say the wrong thing or offend someone. However, once they get comfortable with someone it’s hard to get them to stop talking. They become great conversationalists once they get to know you and will amaze you with their clear and concise thoughts.

Best Careers for A Seven

Destiny number 7 should focus on a career that allows them to solve complex problems.

It’s important for a destiny number 7 to not only expand on their knowledge but to use it to its full potential. That is why sevens do well in careers where they can use what they know to help and improve the lives of others. It’s not money that drives them but rather their curiosity to see if they can solve difficult problems.

Thus, seven’s outstanding ability to learn new subjects quickly and reason through challenging problems makes them great candidates for careers in STEM. To clarify, becoming an engineer helps them to use their vast knowledge to help improve the quality of life. In addition, math, computer science, and other stem fields allow them to flourish as well. However, if you aren’t interested in these subjects then consider fields such as law, culinary arts, or business.

Love and Relationships

Finding a stable and loving relationship can be hard for destiny number 7 because of their introverted nature. As a result, they tend to move a little too fast when meeting someone they are interested in. This can often lead to that person feeling pressured and they will move on as a result.

It’s unfortunate because sevens are very romantic despite the fact, they are quiet and a little “closed off” from others. With that said, sevens get along well with others who are similar to them in character and personality. That’s because of the harmony created by two people who are on the same frequency of mind and spirit.

Advice for Destiny Number 7

Sevens should focus on not becoming too introverted and comfortable with solitude otherwise they could end up as hermits. Instead, focus on going out more and doing things that involve large social circles. Also, do not obsess so much over a relationship. That is to say, you may become too “clingy” and this could lead to your partner become frustrated with you.

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