Destiny Number 5 and Its Secrets

The need to be free and adventurous is what drives destiny number 5 (sometimes called expression number 5). That is to say, they are strongly driven by the flexibility in their lives, the outdoor adventures, and unknown opportunities that await them. You can’t keep fives “caged” up or in repetitive situations. As a result, the fun and positive energy that they exude keeps their lives very busy.

The personality fives possess

As previously mentioned, fives can’t stand being confined to a single routine or lifestyle. Therefore, they are often very outgoing, charismatic, and full of energy. If destiny number 5 isn’t allowed to have a carefree lifestyle they will become depressed and lose motivation to succeed. That’s why it’s important to remove any negativity from your life. (more in the advice section below)

On the other hand, they can be quick to make decisions without properly thinking them through. This can cause fives to become a little selfish as they look only within themselves and their own rational self-interest. Also, they are rebellious, and this makes sense considering their need to feel free. However, they must be careful as they can sometimes abandon projects or tasks in favor of starting new ones. It may come as no surprise that they love anything related to traveling, sports, and the outdoors. In addition, they love exploring new places and trying new things. Their vibrant energy often makes them the center of attention.

Best Careers for Destiny Number 5

As you can imagine, finding a career for fives is especially difficult because they hate being tied down. Strong commitment to a single job is probably not something for you. As a result, fives are constantly changing careers and stability is not something they are familiar with.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t great career choices for destiny number 5. They must simply look beyond the status quote. For example, consider careers that allow you to work as you please such as becoming an artist, writer, entrepreneur, or freelancer. In short, find a career that doesn’t make you work a routine schedule, and preferably a career that allows you to set your own hours.


It’s hard for destiny number 5 to find someone and settle down with them. To clarify, they have very attractive personalities and such positive energy that they attract many friends. As a result, they go through life having many relationships and change romantic partners often.

Destiny number 5 needs to focus on attracting quality romantic partners

This is because extremely committed relationships are often not something fives want. However, fives will have to learn that eventually they must find stability in their lives and settle down with a good partner. If you are to experience the wonderful things in life a loving relationship should be a priority.

Advice for Destiny Number 5

While your free spirited and adventurous nature can open many opportunities for you, understand that it must be balanced with stability. That is to say, you will become depressed and unmotivated from moving to quickly. Overtime you will learn to balance being free and being stable. However, it will require some sacrifices on your end. Furthermore, remove negativity in your life by removing the negative people in your life. To clarify, the people who only call you when they’re in need of something or the people who don’t encourage you to succeed.

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