Soul Urge Number 8 True Meaning

Those who are soul urge number 8 usually become the leaders or authority figures of society. They aspire to be rich and crave having power, material possession, and high status. Furthermore, they do well when it comes to business and sales because of their strong leadership. In addition, they have big dreams and goals and they won’t stop until they come true. The confidence that soul urge number 8 has is unlike any other, and their ambition allows them to become the best at whatever they choose.

Secondly, they are good at organizing others and keeping things running efficient in a business environment. They have sharp minds and are able to make important decisions quickly and effectively. Also, they are great at planning and their status is symbolic of their personality. In addition, they desire the highest quality things in life. If this is your number and you feel like you need help aspiring to all these great things, then you need to get a numerology reading. Right now, you can get a free numerology reading right here. It’s done by a master numerologist and all you need is your name and birth date, so don’t forget to have it done!

Soul Urge Number 8 and Social Life

This soul urge number does well in social gatherings and is typically the one that gets everyone together and plans fun events. Of course, this is because soul urge number 8 is naturally good at being a leader and great planner. As a result, they have many friends who like them very much and want to constantly be around them. They have large social circles and many connections that will help them throughout life. Also, they make new friends all the time because people are drawn to their natural leadership qualities.

Great careers for 8s

It won’t come as a surprise to you that soul urge number 8 will excel at being a business owner. However, because they aspire to great things, it’s best they pursue being the owner of a large business. This is because they are great at multitasking, organizing, and planning. They will do great being the owner or CEO of a large corporation. While this may sound like a daunting task you must remember that anything’s possible when you work hard and never give up.

You may also want to look into investing in the stock market or other things such as real estate. These can be very lucrative professions but do carry a risk. However, because of your quick thinking and great decision-making skills you should do well. Another career you may want to look into is politics.

Soul Urge Number 8 and Relationships

Soul urge number 8 can have trouble finding a romantic partner because they are too busy trying to achieve success.

Unfortunately, 8s have trouble when it comes to finding a romantic partner. To clarify, they have trouble finding long lasting relationships. In other words, your busy lifestyle and ambitious goals can sometimes make your partner feel like they are second in your life. As a result, they feel distanced from you and like they aren’t getting the attention they need. You have to make more time for your significant others and reassure them that what you do is for the benefit of both of your futures. In addition, try and find someone who can respect your busy lifestyle and goal-oriented ways.

The Negative Side

Sadly, soul urge number 8 can be a little too controlling and bossy at times. They try to be the authority figure on everything and can get aggressive when something angers them. In addition, they can become greedy and cruel towards others when it comes to money and success. Furthermore, their ambitions can sometimes drive people away from them because it becomes their only focus to succeed and others will tire of seeing them only obsessed with themselves.

Best Advice for Soul Urge Number 8

You shouldn’t let your ego get out of control. Realize that climbing to the top will include many struggles but you shouldn’t take your anger out on your loved ones. Try and be humbler and don’t obsess over material possession so much. Remember, it’s better to make cherished memories with loved ones then to own vast amounts of stuff. In addition, don’t let your authoritative nature cloud your mind. You can’t control everything so choose your battles wisely. Finally, get a numerology reading. I have personally been able to improve my life greatly ever since I got my reading done by a master numerologist. I can only describe it like being able to foresee great opportunities that lie ahead. Right now, you can get a completely free numerology reading done by a master right here, I wish you luck!

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