Destiny Number 8 and Its Secrets

Confident, powerful, and extremely social destiny number 8 has a commanding presence unlike any other. That is to say, they are usually the ones in charge and obsessed with accomplishing their goals. In fact, they’ve even been known to ignore friends, family, and loved ones because of their obsession with success. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a point of weakness for them. If this is your number, it’s best to understand the full picture by starting with the personality of eights.

Personality of Destiny Number 8

Those who have this destiny number are described as creative, disciplined, forward thinking, confident, and great at planning. Many of eights coworkers would describe them as someone who takes work home with them and never gets any sleep. That is just one example of how disciplined they are. On the other hand, they are also described as superficial and obsessed with material possession and wealth.

As a result, they are known to take risks and fall victim to unhealthy addictions such as gambling. Furthermore, this need for wealth and material possession pushes them away from their spiritual side. Thus, they can fall even further down dark paths. Eight is head strong and knowledgeable but they do have weaknesses they must learn to overcome. (see advice section below)

Best Career Choices

The strong ambition that destiny number 8 carries is only amplified with their desire for a great career. So, it may come as no surprise that eights will do best as entrepreneurs. The reason why is because they need to be the leader of their own company and the “captain of their own ship”. Eights will never feel truly satisfied simply being an employee of someone else. They must be allowed to satisfy their ambition and meet their goals. Some great ways to start are being managers of smaller companies and working their way up to CEO or starting their own company all together.


destiny number 8 needs to find a loving relationship to help bring balance to their lives

The strong pride and large ego that eights have blocks them from approaching someone they like. Instead, they rely on their looks and commanding aura to do the talking for them. However, destiny number 8 has to realize that what they are truly afraid of is rejection.

Unlike career related work, making someone fall in love with you is much more difficult. On the other hand, eights do need to bring stability in their life through a loving partner. When you can find someone to settle down with you will notice some changes. For example, you will become more spiritually aware and your focus will shift to provide for your partner and possible family.

Some Advice for Destiny Number 8

One of the weaknesses you have is expecting too much of yourself. For that reason, you may fall to unhealthy addictions because you believe it will help you live up to said expectations. However, know that you must be humble and reasonable with what you can do. Learning to be patient and how to grow is the best course of action. Furthermore, learn to balance work and taking time to relax. Remember that too much of anything isn’t good. It’s ok to take a break every now and again.

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