Soul Urge Number 7 True Meaning

Those who are soul urge number 7 typically shut off the outside world. The reason being, is because they want to avoid distractions while they gather their thoughts. To clarify, their minds are constantly analyzing, working hard, and thinking about the world and life in general. You enjoy being alone, reading, and working on your hobbies. Soul urge number 7’s aren’t very ambitious, instead they prefer to relax and don’t usually care what’s going on with others. On the other hand, 7s are very talented artists and crave knowledge due to their constant thinking and analytical nature. In addition, they are very loyal, caring, and make great romantic partners.

One great quality about sevens is that they often have unique opinions and dream big. As a result, they can forget about their troubles fairly easily as they escape into their own universe. Furthermore, they understand things on a deeper level than most and that makes them feel detached from others. However, these feelings of detachment can be dealt with and that is why you need to get a numerology reading done. Imagine having a “heads up” to all negative things coming your way? This is possible and it’s why you should get this free numerology reading done by a master numerologist here.

Social Life of Soul Urge Number 7

Because of your introvert nature 7s find it difficult to socialize and make new friends. You often only have a few friends and even then, you don’t spend much time with them. It’s not because you don’t want to go out and socialize but because you enjoy your own company more and prefer to be alone. That’s not say you don’t like interacting with your friends or other people, you’d simply rather do other things all by yourself. To clarify, you don’t have trouble meeting new people and making new friends, but you don’t feel the need to rely on others for entertainment. You can get along just fine by yourself.

Best Careers for 7s

You prefer to be independent and distanced from the outside world. Therefore, you would do great with a career that allowed you to work from home. This could include being a remote programmer, online entrepreneur, or data entry. In addition, you don’t have to choose a career that is only done from home. You could also look into manufacturing jobs as they don’t usually interact with customers.

With that said, you should avoid jobs that have you dealing with people all day. This includes jobs in retail, customer service, and face to face sales. The reason why is because you grow impatient with people. This is because your quick thinking and critical analysis skills are usually several steps ahead of most.

Soul Urge Number 7 and Relationships

soul urge number 7 makes a great romantic partner because they are loyal and don't cause issues in a relationship.

While it may seem like a 7 would not do well in a relationship because of their introverted nature, they actually make great romantic partners. For example, because they allow few people into their lives, they have great devotion, loyalty and love towards their partner. They are also less likely to cheat or cause drama in a relationship. As a result, they tend to have long lasting and happy marriages.

The Negative Side

Sometimes, soul urge number 7 is far too disconnected from the world. They retreat from the outside so much that they begin to develop anxiety issues and fear that bad things will happen to them. Furthermore, they have trouble believing and trusting in people. They demand evidence for even the smallest of things before they can believe it. While being skeptical isn’t a bad thing, being overly skeptical can cause issues for 7s.

Best Advice for 7s

Don’t shut yourself out from the world so much. Contrary to what you may think you will learn a lot from interacting with the world and the people in it. You have to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people because they have more to offer than it seems. In addition, don’t assume that you are wiser or know better than everyone because you may be surprised. Finally, get a numerology reading. Only with a proper numerology reading done by a master numerologist can you find what’s in store for you and how to improve yourself. Right now, you can get a free numerology reading here using just your name and birth date. Best of all it’s done by a master numerologist and top psychic. I can personally attest to how accurate this reading is, good luck!

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