Soul Urge Number 6 True Meaning

Love is the most powerful thing for 6. For those who are soul urge number 6 caring for others before your own self-interests is what gives you satisfaction. You love others just the way you would want to be loved back and it shows with how much you sacrifice for others. In addition, you probably like it when your loving and caring personality is recognized. That’s good because it means you truly are a soul urge number 6!

Being well balanced, full of harmony, and always being true are what really matter to 6s the most. On the other hand, because you’re afraid of conflict, you are often taken advantage of. However, you don’t necessarily let others bully you. While you have a very caring nature and are compassionate to others you are well aware of your behavior. With that said, you enjoy helping others because it makes you happy, not because you feel pressured to do so. This is why I highly recommend you get a numerology reading. It will help you to deal with these feelings and help you see what lies ahead in life for you. Get your free numerology reading here.

Soul Urge Number 6 and Social Life

You are a great friend because of how much you care for those around you. People confide in you, and you are usually the first person they come to when they need someone to cheer them up. Of course, you do whatever you can to help both your friends and family. You shouldn’t doubt yourself when trying to comfort those in pain. All your loved ones really care about is that you listen and sympathize with them, but most importantly is the fact that you are there for them.

Best Careers for 6’s

Because you love taking care of others you naturally make a great caregiver. In addition, you have a creative side to you which makes you a great candidate to be a counselor. Being a counselor will help you make a difference in the lives of those who need help, and your creativity can help bring new ideas and hope to those who have none.

While caring for others is where you do best you also excel at creating peaceful and beautiful environments. Above all, have a career that allows you to be caring, creative, and at peace. Avoid careers that lead to conflicts and argument such as retail.

Soul Urge Number 6 and Relationships

soul urge number 6 makes one of the best romantic partners one could have. This is because of their caring nature.

It’s important to never think that your loyal, and caring ways make you a boring person. Furthermore, it’s these qualities that make sixes great romantic partners. Because people are naturally drawn to your warm and loving personality you usually gain respect quickly. This makes you feel a sense of satisfaction. You desire a simple life where you can make your partner happy and this makes you one of the best partners someone can have. If someone is fortunate enough to be in a relationship with a six they can probably confirm how great it is!

For you it’s important to have long lasting relationships that are healthy and grow over time. Soul urge number 6 usually finds these lasting relationships and most of the time they blossom into a marriage that’s lasting and fulfilling.

The negative side of 6

Stressing yourself so much over others is not a good thing. While you’re caring nature is great you have to know when it’s taking over you and affecting your own health negatively. Try and simply listen to others and offer sound advice as opposed to going out of your way to help them all the time. In addition, you must realize that relationships only work when both parties are putting in effort. Don’t let others take advantage of you by letting you do all the hard work.

How to Improve Your Life as a 6

You must understand that you will not be able to help everyone and there is no reason to stress over other peoples problems. When someone comes to you for help and the task is too much for you, simply say you’re sorry but you can’t help them. While it may seem like an unfriendly thing to do you have to remember that you must take care of yourself first.

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