Soul Urge Number 2 True Meaning

It is said that the Moon controls Soul Urge Number 2 and that is what makes this number so caring, loving, and artistic. Those who are of this number are usually very calm, peaceful, and well mannered. In addition, they have a large imagination which fuels their creativity; however, they have trouble implementing their creativeness unlike soul urge number 1. For 2s, it’s better if they test out their ideas to become confident enough to bring them to light. The frequencies that make up soul urge number 2 are: companionship, socializing, transparency, balance, and teamwork. Cooperation is the best provider of positive energy for those of this number.

Soul urge number 2 is great at adapting to new environments. Furthermore, 2s can keep things together even through volatile times. This is an important aspect of this number because they are able to unite those of opposing views and forge a peaceful relationship by meeting others halfway. This command that 2s have over the power of unification is why 2s work best with others as opposed to leading the way. That is to say, they are patient and obedient but above all they’re very responsive to others and can help leaders in their greatest time of need. The reason being, 2s have a strong desire of peace and harmony and prefer to see groups assimilate rather than separate.

Social Aspects of Soul Urge Number 2

Those of soul urge 2 are always looking out to make lasting connections and friendships. There is nothing more you desire than being able to strike up conversations with those around you and enjoy each other’s presence. As a result, people are naturally drawn to you and your personality help keep them around. Furthermore, you are very sensitive towards others and their emotions. This natural affection you have for others is why people grow to care for you very much.

Even though soul urge number 2 is caring and sensitive towards others; do not mistake this for weakness. There’s a good chance that you are convincing in a style unique to yourself. To clarify, because you understand others so well you are able to come up with great solutions and advice to the problems of others. With this ability you don’t need to control people but rather influence with trust, care, and compassion.

You must watch out for those who are to overbearingly strong and dominant. The reason why is because you don’t do well with those who try and control you. You must always keep your destiny under your own control!

Best Careers For 2

Because of your peaceful nature it’s best that you find a career that expands on this quality. In addition, you need a career that also brings out your creativity. Your ability to work well within a team makes you a great employee! As a result, because you work so well with others and by yourself; it’s best that you find a job that has a vibrant social environment.

Soul urge number 2 has a natural ability to love those who truly have their best interests in mind.

Romantic Relationships For 2’s

Your never-ending love for those around you leads you to search for that same kind of love in return. It’s important that you receive admiration from others and most importantly love. This is especially true for your romantic interest. This is your ultimate goal! To have your romantic partner return the love and feelings that you so strongly have for others is what you want the most.

However, your trust and seeing the good side of people is sometimes taken too far. As a 2 you may tend to get a little angrier when someone close to you lets you down. As a result, this can cause a lot of issues with your significant other. You must learn to trust your partner but not trust them blindly. Furthermore, come to terms with the fact that they aren’t perfect, and mistakes will be made. Your relationships will never last if you always take things too personally.

Negative Traits of Soul Urge Number 2

Because you have a sensitive personality you are more likely to experience a “bruised ego”. As a result, it’s important to not get worked up over small stuff. In addition, not everyone understands your emotional nature as well as you do. Another thing you need to be careful of is being too trusting. If people sense that you are too trusting they will try to take advantage of you. You must not be afraid to say “no” and tell someone when they have gone too far. Furthermore, you may be shy, timid, and frightened easily as many 2’s are. Try and overcome these things as they are likely to interfere with your life and stop you from meeting new people. Find out what’s in store for your life by getting a free numerology reading.

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