Numerology 12 Meaning: The secrets and symbolism of Angel Number 12

The number 12 is extremely powerful in the world of Numerology. It’s symbolic of cyclic completion and descends from the Pisces Star. A well-known fact about this number is its strong connection with the spiritual realm and the universe.

If you are influenced by 12 through a birthdate or if you were born in December, then rest assured you have powerful guardian angels watching over you.

To get a better understanding of this number and what it means for you we must examine the individual digits more closely.

The Meaning of 12 in Numerology

The number 1 in numerology is a sign that a new chapter in your life will soon begin. It’s also thought to be a very confident, ambitious, motivating, and strong leader. Notice that it is a prime number which signifies its independence from anything or anyone.

The number 2 in numerology is creative, diplomatic, works well with others, and is protective of their loved ones. This number will help you to forge powerful relationships wherever you go.

The Message Behind Angel Number 12

Combing these digits yields the powerful angel number 12 which symbolizes that a new spiritual journey is on the horizon. Thus, if you are influenced by this number or see it often, then it’s a sign you are ready to take the next step in life.

You must move on to greater things and work hard to achieve your dreams. The universe is calling on you to get out of your comfort zone and begin to use your talents to secure the life you really want.

In addition, you do have a lot of leadership qualities that are reflected by the number 1. For example, many people come to you when they are in need of help or they just want some advice.

This makes you a wise person capable of taking charge of even the most complicated situations.

Your trustworthy and honest nature makes people comfortable to be around you. That’s why you are influenced by the angel number 12. To be the light for those can’t see the path ahead of them.

You should feel blessed to have the number 12 at your side guiding and supporting you through the intricacies of life and all it brings.

On the other hand, you are also known to be quite the consumer and love material possession. Furthermore, you love to travel and take expensive vacations. While there is nothing wrong with this it could be a source of distraction at times.

Thus, focus on becoming more in touch with nature and the spiritual world that surrounds us. When you learn to balance your wants with your needs, you’ll be able to glide through life with little effort.

Everything will come naturally to you once you understand the number 12 on a deeper spiritual level.

The Spiritual Side of 12

As previously, mentioned it’s important to grow spiritually and one great way to accomplish this is through karma.

When you do good deeds and help those who are less fortunate you are broadcasting to the universe your powerful internal energy.

This in turn causes the universe to more easily find you through the fog of negativity that surrounds us.

As a result, you will be given even more energy and support to continue pursuing the message of angel number 12.

Once you experience this you will be able to connect to your surroundings and the universe at will. You will no longer be lost or confused when you have 12 at your side.


Being influenced by the number 12 in numerology is not something to take lightly. You are chosen to lead the way and be an extension of the divine spirits that watch over us.

Don’t allow negativity to cloud your mind or you may lose sight of this numbers message. Continue spreading positive vibes wherever you go.

Finally, be prepared for the new chapter in life you are about to embark on. The Universe has brought you this far in life and now it’s up to you to take the next step.

With your higher spiritual awareness and angel number 12 guiding you through life; you will reach your destination.