Angel Number 143 Meaning and Message

Do you find that you constantly check the time only to see that it’s 1:43? No matter what you seem to always check when it’s exactly 1:43! In fact, you are probably seeing the angel number 143 in far more places such as in receipts, signs, and even your dreams.

Of course, you might be thinking that’s it’s purely by chance. However, numerology tells us that it’s so much more. To clarify, you are seeing angel numbers and specifically the 143 angel number. As a result, you must understand that these angel numbers are messages from the universe and each has their own special meaning.

They allow us to search within ourselves and discover things that we would never have imagined. Often times these discoveries lead us to greatly improving ourselves and our lives!

For many years’ humans have believed that divine beings communicate with us through numbers. Furthermore, they believe that they are encoded with unique messages that are designed to guide us toward a better life. Below we will take a closer look at the number 143 and its meaning and message.

The Meaning of Angel Number 143

The angel number 143 is a sign that you are entering a new phase in life. This new era will be full of joy and great new discoveries. To clarify, you will learn not only new skills but also how to navigate the new life you’ll be stepping into.

Your guardian angels will see to it that you are capable of reaching these new heights with little resistance and adversity. Things may not be going well for you right now but all that is going to change soon.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to see the number 143 then you’ll be relieved to know that it’s showering you with positive energy. You can see this in the characteristics that make up the digits of 143. For example:

The number 1 is a spiritually in tune and bold leader who is ready for any challenge. In addition, the number 1 signifies the start of a “new chapter” in your life.

The number 4 is strongly driven to succeed and work hard. Furthermore, they are goal oriented and willing to do what it takes to reach said goals. They are also good at positively impacting the people around them.

The number 3 is an artistic and very creative number that is capable of rapid growth and development. In other words, they are great at adapting to new situations.

You have the strength to go forward and conquer life! It won’t be easy as you will have to make sacrifices along the way. However, it will be for the best. The 143 angel number is guiding you to become the best version of yourself possible.

The Spiritual Meaning of 143

Quick explanation of what angel number 143 means.

As previously mentioned, some of the traits of angel number 143 are the spiritual awareness that’s infused within. Those who keep seeing 143 are said to be in contact with the ascended beings of the universe. You may even possess psychic abilities!

Humans are less aware of the world and universe around them. Our limited thinking and closed mind is the main reason. For example, we can’t see past the material make up and believe that if we can’t directly examine something then it’s not real. However, this isn’t true.

The angels that watch and guard over you were once in your position. They have now ascended and entered another dimension. One that has awakened them spiritually and given them greater insight. As a result, you must be willing to listen as they were once just like you.

Allow their knowledge to help you avoid the mistakes that so many others make. Allow angel number 143 to guide you. Its meaning will help you see things differently. This number wants you to clear your mind and think more deeply about life and what you perceive as “real”.

Once you have learned to silence your mind and change your perspective on the world it will become much easier to receive the messages of the divine beings from above.

Why Does 143 Keep Appearing to Me?

The reason you keep seeing the number 143 appear in various places including the clock, advertising signs, papers etc. is because your guardian angels want to make something clear. That is to say, they want to make sure the number 143 stands out from the rest as that is the message they want you to hear.

It’s important to decode what the message behind number 143 is but more importantly you must act on that message. For that reason, you will continue to see the angel number 143 until you are able to successfully decode and act on the message.

The universe and angels won’t waste their time on someone who isn’t willing to listen. Thus, you have been selected for this number because they see that you have the potential and strength to realize the meaning of number 143.

Above all, be ready to change your mindset. The number 143 is sending you positive energy so be receptive of this. Your journey begins with a clear and positive attitude and mind.

The ultimate test you will encounter is remaining strong in the face of hardships and adversity. If you are able to push through and reach your goals when times are tough, then you will have no problem realizing your goals.

Angel Number 143 and Love

Something interesting about the number 143 is its interpretation in pop culture to mean “I love you”. While it may sound strange it’s actually easy to see. For example, the number 1 is supposed to represent the letter ‘I’ the number 4 makes up the four-letter word “love”, and 3 makes up the word “you”.

As a result, you get 143 meaning “I love you”.

This was made popular by Musiq and famous American musician whose song titled 143 goes on to say in the lyrics “143 and that means I love you”.

Thus, as the song went mainstream many people started using the number 143 as a shorter way of saying “I love you”.

Of course, in numerology it the number 143 has a deep connection with love and relationships. That is to say, those who see this number are soon going to find themselves in a position to find true love.

To clarify, if you’re single, then you must be ready to enter a new relationship with someone very special. The angels have deemed it necessary for you to have emotional support and stability in your life. As a result, be on the lookout for that special someone.

For those who are currently in a relationship angel number 143 has a special meaning for you. That is to say, you may already be happy in your relationship but If you aren’t you need to be ready for anything. To be clear, you can’t continue to be in a relationship that is toxic to you. If there is no love, then it doesn’t make sense to stay stuck in the same situation.

Try and work things through with your partner and don’t be afraid of change. Perhaps you need to keep an open mind and find someone who will be there for you. Find someone who will support you emotionally and that you can form a special connection with.

Feel blessed to have the number 143 take part in your love life. Your relationships are far more likely to succeed with this number guiding you.

What to do when you see 143?

The overall message of angel number 143 is one of encouragement and growth. This is something that’s been lacking in your life. However, after reading this you will be on the right path again.

While things may not be going well for you at the moment you must always remember to keep pushing forward. It’s only “over” if you completely give up. Therefore, never stop moving regardless of how dark things may seem.

For this reason, I encourage you to look further inward and find the strength to succeed. Thus, I highly recommend you get your free numerology video reading here. This reading will go in depth and show you the rest of your core numbers based on your name and birth date. It’s the most accurate one there is so don’t miss this opportunity!

Finally, keep your head up and when you see angel number 143 again simply smile and tell your angels that you’ve heard there message and will act on its meaning and message soon.

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